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The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened? - Trailer

You may remember hearing back in January about The Death of Superman Lives, a Kickstarter funded “documentary about the proposed 1998 ‘Superman Lives’ feature film” that was headed by director Tim Burton. It picked up 115k in funding (beating its 98k goal) and got the green light. 

The good news: It now has a trailer “featuring interviews with Tim Burton, Kevin Smith, and many more” as seen above. 

The (maybe) bad news: The director is fishing for 89k more in “Finishing Funds” and doing it on another fundraising site. Keep in mind that this is a documentary which was asking for 98k total earlier this year and went 17k over their goal. The director promised “a World Premiere Screening at one of the larger Comic Conventions, and then ready to screen it to the entire world after that” at the time. While even documentary filmmaking isn’t always cheap, when a director needs more than twice the original amount make it happen, it has to raise a few eyebrows. 

Let’s just hope that the final product comes out some day because it is interesting piece of superhero movie history.