Warhammer Prime

Created by Dom / madscuzzy

ianbrooks: Crowned “Orktimus Prime”, and cobbled together through a combination of black magic, forbidden technology, and the resurrected kit of a Warhammer Ork Trukk model only, you know, more robot-y. Dom stripped the original model down and added maneuverable joints so that it can actually transform… though I wont be convinced unless it actually makes the official Robot Transmogrifying Noise.

(source:Tabletop Geeks|via: Kotaku)

Superhero Fetuses - by Alexandre Nicolas

Part of an art exhibit at St. Pierre on Rue Ronsard in Paris, they depict various suoer-powered individuals in their development stages. And now that burning question has finally been answered: yes, superheroes ARE born with tights and spandex on. Finally!

(photos by Jalal gerald Aro, via: Buzzfeed/mildlyamused)

(Via: ianbrooks)

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